Same Day Dentures

We are proud to offer SAME DAY dentures. Dentures can now be done same day! No more waiting to see what your new smile is going to look like. Our onsite lab has the newest printing capabilities. Dentures can be made for your mouth with more accuracy than ever before. This means a better fit and a longer life with your denture. If you lose the denture we can make you a new one immediately without the hassle of impressions. We are dedicated to providing you with optimal health and it starts with meeting your needs.

Our philosophy is to provide an optimal health outcomes. We take great care to listen to each patient and treat you as if you were our friends or family. We create treatment plans that focus on each individual alone, working with your dental related goals, budget, and time.

(937) 293-0757
1950 S Smithville Rd
Kettering, OH 45420

*Please be advised that Van Buren Dental is located 2 blocks south of Patterson Road in *KETTERING*, 45420, not Dayton. There is a 1950 S. Smithville in Dayton but the address changes again when you hit Kettering. Please note this while inputting into a GPS or driving down S. Smithville.